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The Rise Trust

The Rise Trust is a local Christian community outreach project which runs all of the Children's Centres in North Wiltshire.

The Trust's aims are to support and enable local families and their children to be the best that they can be.

They offer outreach support, learning and development opportunities, parenting support and they try to foster community cohesion and reduce social division and disadvantage by encouraging people of different backgrounds to come together.

A message from The Rise Trust...

The Rise Trust

Thank you to Chippenham Half Marathon Runners for supporting The Rise Trust. We are very proud to be your official charity this year. Please be assured that any money raised will go directly to help the much needed front line services we provide to children and families in need in the Chippenham and North Wiltshire area.

We thought you might like to know some of the ways the money you raise will benefit others. Your money will help:

  • Single parent families where the parent is struggling to make ends meet
  • Victims of domestic abuse who need to get away from their partners but are too frightened to make the break
  • Children in danger of sexual abuse to protect them from abusive parents or partners
  • Disabled children who need extra support in schools to help them to cope
  • Learning disabled parents who need help with raising their children
  • New parents who are struggling to cope with the demands of their babies and need a bit of guidance to help them in the early months
  • Estranged parents who can only see their children once a month in a contact centre
  • Parents of older children finding it hard to cope with the challenging behaviour they are suddenly faced with
  • Parents who are coping with addiction to drugs or alcohol and are trying to give up
  • Younger children who benefit from interacting with other children to help them socialise and cope with a school environment
  • Senior citizens who meet together once a week for a hot lunch and a chance to enjoy a chat and some much needed company
  • Mentors who support Secondary school children who are struggling to cope with bullying of the effects of Social Media

As you can see, even in Chippenham there is need for a lot of help to make sure our children grow up in the right environment to become the adults we need them to be.

Thank you for your support this year.

The Rise Trust Team

*** If you would like to know more about what we are or what we do please contact us and we would be happy to give you more information. Please email Julie Swales - ***

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01/01/2017 - ** Many thanks to our sponsors for 2017 who will be John Williams Heating Services, CD Fencing & Construction Services Ltd and Par Foods **

01/01/2017 - ** We are pleased to announce that our official charity for 2017 will be The Rise Trust. **

01/01/2017 - ** Entries for the Chippenham Half Marathon 2017 ARE NOW OPEN!!! **